Love for Love's Sake




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Lexi + Richard Couple’s SessionMarch, 2021 Can you imagine meeting your soulmate? Well, Lexi and Richard are exactly that! This amazing couple of three years with their adorable daughter seems practically perfect. They are the ultimate family! When they are together everything else fades away. Lexi’s smile is so vibrant. When she smiles you can’t […]

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Mairi + Jacob Blind Date / Stranger SessionJanuary, 2021 Mairi and Jacob stood back to back waiting in anticipation to see each other for the first time on their blind date photoshoot. Can you imagine your heart pumping? Your mind teeming with suspense? Mairi and Jacob waited, their excitement building. They had never seen or […]

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Jade + Jacob Couple’s SessionJanuary, 2021 After a crazy year and tumultuous time, Jade and Jacob decided to start this beautiful new year on a high note. With stunning mountain scenery and crisp winter air, (don’t forget their cute pup- Harumi!) the world looked bright and new. We shuffled through the snow while Harumi excitedly […]

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At the end of the date, Matt revealed a secret he had been keeping since his mission. The chocolate kisses. He had kept them all! He pulled out a random Kiss and almost choked on a piece of paper folded inside. The note in tiny handwriting read- “The next kiss I give you will be in person”. Ivana had written the love note on a small piece of paper […]

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