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Noel + Kyle Engagement SessionJanuary, 2021 “Our love was written in the stars.” Although Kyle and Noel met in 7th grade, they would have years before they would find their way to one another. After high school Kyle left on a European trip to study abroad while Noel moved around, feeling as though there was […]

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Eliza + Jacob Engagement SessionSeptember, 2020 Eliza may not have thought anything of the fact that her three roommates were all related to this cute boy she knew, but it gave Jacob an awesome excuse to come and visit his sisters and his cousin in Eliza’s apartment all the time. Unbeknownst to Eliza, he actually […]

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Khayla + Connor Engagement SessionAugust, 2020 How Texas is too Texas? Well first of all, that’s a trick question because you can never be “too into” Texas. Khayla had told Connor she had to get engaged on Texas soil no matter the circumstance, so she really wasn’t expecting anything when they went on a vacation […]

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Melissa + Michael Engagement SessionJune, 2020 Melissa stopped her scrolling when she landed on Michael. A swipe right for sure! She even took that extra step to send him a message. Unfortunately, what she hadn’t realized is that Michael’s profile was set up by a friend- and he never checked it. Hope was not lost […]

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