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Sarah Bridal SessionMarch, 2020 “Oooo….it’s a bit of a hike. You up for that?” Sarah responded by hoisting up her dress to revel black skinny jeans and tennis shoes underneath all the lacy layers of her gown. She came prepared! So we grabbed her flowers (gorgeous blooms by Fairy Wood Blooms and Two Wild Wallflowers), […]

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Emily Combined Session (Bridals)November, 2019 Emily is my cousin, so I was especially excited to be able to capture her bridals and first look before her wedding day. Growing up, we would always dream about weddings and talk about boys- and now we are both married to the men of our dreams! Our aunt shared […]

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Carisil Bridal SessionJuly, 2019 Looking at these pictures, you might never have guessed the behind-the-scene work that went in to getting them! But then again, the unique scenery behind her might hint that this was not your average bridal session. The dress was strategically chosen because we had to hike it 12 miles down into […]

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Kaitlyn Combined Session (Bridals)August, 2019 I was so excited for this session! Kaitlyn and I had spoken before, and she was one of those super sweet people I could tell I was going to have a blast with! Plus, this was such a gorgeous location. I had been dying to photograph someone in it for […]

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Hannah BridalsApril, 2019 Almost by accident, I had found a real life Belle from Beauty and the Beast. Complete with a castle and everything! (You can see Elsa here!) I was in heaven you guys. And not only did Hannah look like she belonged as the star of a romance movie, she was so sweet […]

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Rachel Combined Session (Bridals)January, 2019 The girl knows what she wants! And what she wants is BOHO. In January! In Utah! So there was a million feet of snow outside. Luckily, I knew the perfect place that not only would totally fit with her bohemian theme, but was also indoors so she could stay barefoot! […]

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