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Melissa Bridal SessionJune, 2020 We were out on a mission. A mission to find the Alpine Poppy Fields. We didn’t know exactly where they were located, but we knew the general area. So we picked a parking spot, Melissa put on her heavy duty bright yellow tennis shoes underneath her dress, and we started hiking […]

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Kessa Bridal SessionMay, 2020 “It’s almost June, no way it will be cold up there!”“It’s already summertime, we won’t need to worry about snow now.”“Should I bring a jacket? Nahhhh. Probably won’t need it.”If only we had known. Never underestimate how cold it can get in the mountains, no matter what time of year it […]

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Sarah Bridal SessionMarch, 2020 “Oooo….it’s a bit of a hike. You up for that?” Sarah responded by hoisting up her dress to revel black skinny jeans and tennis shoes underneath all the lacy layers of her gown. She came prepared! So we grabbed her flowers (gorgeous blooms by Fairy Wood Blooms and Two Wild Wallflowers), […]

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Emily Combined Session- BridalsNovember, 2019 Emily is my cousin, so I was especially excited to be able to capture her bridals and first look before her wedding day. Growing up, we would always dream about weddings and talk about boys- and now we are both married to the men of our dreams! Our aunt shared […]

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