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Eliza + Jacob WeddingNovember, 2020 Eliza and Jacob’s wedding day was the prefect blend of meaningful tradition and new love. Her shining pearls, passed down to her through her great-grandmother, perfectly fit with her grandmother’s vintage dress. The handmade bouquets (made by the bride herself!) and classic beauty surpassed imagination. To Eliza and Jacob, this […]

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What is a First Look A “first look” is where the bride and groom see each other for the first time before the ceremony. Once the bride and groom are in their wedding attire, I will whisk them away to a secret, secluded spot for their first look. This can be done either on the […]

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Melissa + Michael WeddingJuly, 2020 Michael’s heart was pumping in his chest, anticipation rising as Melissa snuck up behind him. He was able to see his bride for the first time. Melissa placed her hand gently on his shoulder and turned him around to face her. Immediately, it was so clear on his face how […]

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Emily + Rider Combined Session (First Look)November, 2019 Soft snow fell from the sky as Emily stepped up the small stairs in front of Heritage Gardens, both of their hearts beating in anticipation. Rider couldn’t keep the smile off his face as Emily turned him around, and he saw his bride for the first time […]

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