Your wedding day is approaching, and you want more than anything to be able to quiet your brain and spend some quality time with your new spouse. This should be a time of peace and joy- and it should be focused on your love for each other.

     I want you to see that peace and joy when you look back at your wedding photos. I want you to be taken back to the moment and feel those butterflies in your stomach all over again. I believe that's done by looking and feeling your best. And I'll show you how.

     I'll work with your best angles to get flattering pictures that you love yourself in. You don't have to worry about any weird moments like "where do I put my hands". I'll coach you on exactly what to do, and you can act in a way that feels the most natural to you. If something looks weird, I promise I'll step in and fix it- so you can fully enjoy yourself in the moment!

I'M Savvy! I'm here to guide you on the way to looking and feeling your best!

hey, friend!

Quick Facts

Chocolate lava cake and sushi are my two vices!

Aj and I love to travel!

We make cute decorated packing lists for each trip!

I'm all about Halloween

I love ASL

My first camera was a polaroid- I still adore it!

My first camera was a polaroid

I still adore it!

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