I'M Savvy! Wedding obsessed, & in love with love stories!

hey, friend!

     When I say I’m obsessed with weddings….I kinda mean it. I have 6 wedding dresses hanging in my closet right now! My husband, AJ, says I have a problem. But can you think of anything else that has so much detail, so much beauty, and so much LOVE all packed into one day?!
     Weddings are truly special, and each time I see a new one I’m amazed at the amount of care and personality that it has. On your wedding day, you can pretty much expect that I’m going to geek out about your flowers or your hair, and then take a deep sigh and ask myself “am I dreaming right now” because oh my gosh- this is what I live to do!

Quick Facts

Chocolate cake and crumbl cookies are my vice!

Aj and I love to travel!

We make cute decorated packing lists for each trip!

I'm all about Halloween

I love ASL

My first camera was a polaroid- I still adore it!

My first camera was a polaroid

I still adore it!

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