If the style you're looking for is elegant and dreamy, you've found your gal! Your wedding is the crowning moment of your storybook romance, and I strive to capture the magic and beauty of it in a way that makes you feel timeless and sophisticated. Imagine... your heart is close to bursting when you look at those genuinely romantic images and say- THAT'S US!

I'M Savvy Leigh! I'm committed to creating beautiful art from your wedding day

Meet Your Wedding Photographer

Quick Facts

Chocolate lava cake and sushi are my two vices!

My husband and I love to travel!

AJ and I try to explore somewhere new at least once a year!

I'm all about Halloween

I love ASL

My first camera was a polaroid.
I still adore it!

My first camera was a polaroid

I still adore it!

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