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You need someone who can take pretty pictures, but you also need someone you can trust that makes you feel good about placing your wedding in their hands.

Don’t settle for a photographer who sees you as just another work day! Know what to expect from the start, and see what being #asavvycouple is all about.

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When I say I’m obsessed with weddings….I kinda mean it. I have 6 wedding dresses hanging in my closet right now! My husband, AJ, says I have a problem. But can you think of anything else that has so much detail, so much beauty, and so much LOVE all packed into one day?!

     Weddings are truly special, and each time I see a new one I’m amazed at the amount of care and personality that it has. On your wedding day, you can pretty much expect that I’m going to geek out about your flowers or your hair, and then take a deep sigh and ask myself “am I dreaming right now” because oh my gosh- this is what I live to do!

thoughts from savvy's brides and grooms!

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"IN. FREAKING. LOVE. Savvy was so much fun to have a photographer! I'm so awkward in photos, she made it a BREEZE"

Diana V.

"If you're looking for an amazing, fun, easy going photographer Savannah is your girl. You never have that awkward "where do I put my hands" moment because she comes prepared."

Katie H.

"One of the photos was so amazing that I had several friends comment about it on Facebook, saying that at first they thought it was an ad for the 2013 movie adaptation of The Great Gatsby."

Hunter B.

"Savvy was not only fantastic to work with - responsible, helpful, and accommodating - but she also does fantastic work! Her photos have an almost fairy like feeling with bright colors and soft light."

Mia L.

"She always had cute ideas up her sleeve for my fiancee and I! She is super warm and friendly and keeps things light, fun, and comfortable."

Emily M.

"The photos speak for themselves. I don't have the words. Thank you for making me feel like a princess Savvy ♥"

Kessa S.

The experience

The first thing we’ll do is sit down together and chat. This gives me a chance to learn all about the two of you, your wedding, and your wildest photography dreams!

On your wedding day, I want you to be able to truly be in the moment! This means taking all the stress and worry off your shoulders and setting it to the side so I can capture genuine, joyful emotion.

While you’re honeymooning you can trust that I am pouring over your photos one by one, and making sure they reflect your wedding day and your vision in the most wonderful possible light!

Talk with me about your vision, give me the details!

now forget about the details

Leave the rest to me




Your wedding Includes

Up to 6 hours of coverage on your wedding day


A style guide to help you dress and feel your best in front of the camera

A location guide to help you chose the perfect spot

A sneak Peek of your photos within a week

All included for $1,500

Optional Add-Ons

Additional hours of coverage
$200 per hour

Professional Grade prints, canvases, albums, and other products

a second shooter
$50 per hour

an additional session

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