Frequently asked questions


Do I get digital Copies of my Photos?

Yes. All my photos are delivered as JPGs- and they are all optimized for posting on social media! You'll receive them in an easy-to-use online gallery which you can access via a unique link. You can even have your own app on your phone for your photos!

Do You Offer Videography Too?

Yes, through my partners! I've partnered with two incredible videography companies to get you custom video packages and rates when you add on videography to your booking. You can see more details on video packages here.

How Long Does it Take To Get Our Pictures Back?

One of the cool things I like to do for my clients is give them what I call a "Sneak Peek". This means within one week of your session (or your wedding!) you'll get preview with 3-5 images ready to go- and ready to post! Your full gallery will arrive three weeks from the day of your event.

How Many Photos do You Deliver?

I try to deliver every photo that could be considered precious to you. The photos I eliminate are ones that you would eliminate yourself, such as people with closed eyes, test shots, duplicates, etc. You can expect 40 photos from a session and at least 200 for a wedding.

Do You Edit Out Acne or Blemishes?

Yes! I will typically remove mild acne or other temporary elements. I will not usually edit out moles or birthmarks unless specifically requested, since permanent marks are a part of how you look! Additional skin touch-ups or photoshop requests can be made, and would be charged on a case-by-case basis.

How do I print my photos?

It's super easy to order through your gallery, just click the shopping cart icon and chose what product you'd like! You can even design and order your own custom album through your gallery.

Although this is the method I recommend, you are also free to downoad your photos and print them wherever you wish.

How does Payment work?

For a wedding, 1,400 is required to book your date. The remainder of your invoice is due two weeks before your wedding. This gives you time in between to budget accordingly, and leaves the two weeks before your event free from any stress.

If you are concerned about fitting your budget, have a chat with me and we may be able to set up a payment plan to fit your needs.

What do I Wear?

Never fear. No matter what your session is, I have a style guide that I send out to each of my clients at the time of booking. It has a lot of suggestions for certain styles that look great on camera for both guys and girls. It covers everything from hair and makeup to shoes. But the most important thing is to wear is something that you feel comfortable and confident in!

I look awkward in Front of the Camera.

I'll work with your best angles to get flattering pictures that you love yourself in. There won't be any weird moments like "where do I put my hands". I'll coach you on exactly what to do, and you can act in a way that feels the most natural to you. If something looks weird, I'll step in and fix it- so you can fully enjoy yourself in the moment!