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Christopher Graduation SessionOctober, 2020 Christopher this year is getting a birthday gift years in the making! This October his birthday is extra special with a momentous event on the horizon. After years of attending lectures, classes, and grueling finals, he has finally achieved his goal. This year Christopher graduates after perfecting his amazing dissertation. His […]

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Darbi Portrait SessionAugust, 2020 Okay okay, so this isn’t my usual style of editing. But Darbi showed up and was so excited for fall and getting into the Halloween spirit (even though it’s only August!) I had to make the pictures a little moodier to match her spooky vibes. She had brought these gorgeous fall […]

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Eliza Portrait SessionMay, 2020 Wicked smart, exquisitely beautiful, and BYU’s newest college grad. Meet Eliza, my gorgeous cousin with a new bachelor’s degree in Geography! Eliza’s always really valued education, and she made sure even while she was in school that her job kept her mind in tip top shape- by tutoring other college kids! […]

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Corryn Portrait SessionMay, 2020 The sun create a halo around Corryn’s gorgeous long hair, turning it a brilliant shade of red as she spun around the pink blossoms covering the ground beneath her. She was celebrating not one, but TWO diplomas she had just earned! Although she was graduating from high school, she had been […]

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