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Cheyenne + Matt Styled Shoot – WeddingFebruary, 2021 Sleepy Ridge’s beautiful brick entrance and dazzling twinkling lights create a magical feeling. The Sleepy Ridge in Orem is truly stunning. A hidden jem. This fabulous location, with a beautiful couple, can create unforgettable memories and precious moments. The scenery when coupled with the beautiful floral arrangements […]

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Jennifer + Adam Wedding (Sealing)December, 2020 Can you imagine the morning of your wedding? Your heart is beating in anticipation, you get dressed and eagerly await one of the most exciting days of your life…with your spouse in the room with you?! It might have been a strange morning, but it didn’t take away from […]

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Diana + Dale WeddingNovember, 2020 Diana and Dale’s relationship can only be described as one thing- enchanting. Not only are they best friends and soulmates, they’ve been inseparable since they started dating four years ago. The rolling hills and beautiful fall colors of the countryside rightfully gave Enchanted Rock Hill it’s amazing name. Not only […]

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Eliza + Jacob WeddingNovember, 2020 Eliza and Jacob’s wedding day was the prefect blend of meaningful tradition and new love. Her shining pearls, passed down to her through her great-grandmother, perfectly fit with her grandmother’s vintage dress. The handmade bouquets (made by the bride herself!) and classic beauty surpassed imagination. To Eliza and Jacob, this […]

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