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Darbi Portrait SessionAugust, 2020 Okay okay, so this isn’t my usual style of editing. But Darbi showed up and was so excited for fall and getting into the Halloween spirit (even though it’s only August!) I had to make the pictures a little moodier to match her spooky vibes. She had brought these gorgeous fall […]

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Krista Portrait SessionMarch, 2020 The sun slowly dipped behind the horizon. Splashes of pink and orange and yellow painted every corner of the sky. Krista smelled the wildflowers she held in her hand, and we both held our breath at the beautiful sight as a subtle breeze made us shiver for a moment. I honestly […]

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Katy Portrait SessionMarch, 2020 The sun shown golden light through Katy’s hair as she skipped through the fields of Antelope Island, swinging her flowers back and forth, and feeling the freedom of having this giant open field all to herself! I was clicking away madly behind my camera and squealing with happiness at how lovely […]

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Lindsey Portrait SessionMarch, 2020 Have you ever seen those memes that say “Get you a girl that can do both” and then there’s two totally opposite things- like one picture really casual and the other all fancy? Well it turns out the girl they’re talking about is Lindsey. Each photo I took it was like […]

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