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Lauren Bridal SessionJune, 2020 Lauren has always wanted to be a princess, so it’s no surprise that when she saw this dress from Sweetheart Bridal, it was love at first sight. The dress fit just like Cinderella’s glass slipper — perfect for what many call your “princess day!” But this time, there was no magic […]

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Ady Bridal SessionJune, 2020 The sun filtered through the trees. Ady tossed her luscious braid back behind her shoulders and gave me that striking smile the camera just eats up! Ady is a person who holds her head high with pride and confidence in herself. She has the most gorgeous, bright smile that lit up […]

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Karen Bridal SessionJune, 2020 The countryside has a unique, calming look that reminds me of home. This kind of soft, comforting look is exactly what Karen wanted. She fit right into the scenery, her beauty matching the landscape like a rose blossoming in the summer sun. Karen’s walk was just as graceful, she moved like […]

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Melissa Bridal SessionJune, 2020 We were out on a mission. A mission to find the Alpine Poppy Fields. We didn’t know exactly where they were located, but we knew the general area. So we picked a parking spot, Melissa put on her heavy duty bright yellow tennis shoes underneath her dress, and we started hiking […]

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