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Photos of Wedding Invites and What You Need to Plan for as a Bride

As you’ve been planning your wedding, you’ve probably seen a bunch of these photos of wedding invites and gorgeous details floating around Pinterest. Beautiful setups like this (where you have wedding invitations or other details placed strategically on the ground) are called flatlays. Flatlays are a stunning way to get some breath taking photos of […]


The Ultimate Guide to Creating a Wedding Timeline

I’ll show you step by step the best way for you to create a wedding timeline for 6 hours of photography coverage (or more!) As a photographer, I’ve made sure that the most important moments (like your ceremony and sunset portraits!) fall when the light is hitting your venue just right. That means that this […]


5 Ways to Spend Time Together on Your Wedding Day

You’ve heard it a million times before- weddings are chaotic! You don’t even have time to eat your cake! You’ll be so crazed you won’t remember anything that happened! Well I say… let’s change that. You’re getting married for one reason, and that’s because you’re madly in love with your fiancée! Of course you want […]


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3 Tips for Your Wedding Registry

You and your fiancée are ready for the fun part of wedding planning- your registry. But before you start listing all your favorite items and dreaming of those amazing kitchen appliances… (wow, I sound really old and boring, dreaming of kitchen appliances, haha!) you need to figure out what stores your going to register with. […]


The Best Reception Timeline for Your Wedding Day

I’ve teamed up with KG Entertainment to craft the perfect timeline for your wedding reception! You might have thought a lot about your wedding day timeline, like when your ceremony starts, and when dinner begins, but have you thought about how your reception is going to go down? With so many different events going on, […]


What to Look For in a Wedding Photographer

I’m a wedding photographer based here in the stunning city of Charlotte, North Carolina. If I were to get married again, I’d want the best of the best for my wedding photos. And it’s not just about pretty pictures (although it’s not not about pretty pictures). It’s also about the experience they give you and […]