Smiling with Savvy

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Emily + Rider Combined Session (First Look)November, 2019 Soft snow fell from the sky as Emily stepped up the small stairs in front of Heritage Gardens, both of their hearts beating in anticipation. Rider couldn’t keep the smile off his face as Emily turned him around, and he saw his bride for the first time […]

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Kaitlyn + Hunter WeddingAugust, 2019 It was a gorgeous, sunny day as I took pictures of Hunter and Kaitlyn at their wedding. They couldn’t stop smiling at each other, and it was so cute to see how much they loved each other. Kaitlyn was very mindful of Hunter, and she really wanted to make sure […]

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Emily + Rider Engagement SessionAugust, 2019 I stood at the top of Squaw Peak with my camera, clicking away as Emily and Rider enjoyed a peaceful moment together. There were a ton of people there enjoying the sunset with us, but Emily wanted some quiet, intimate time with her fiancee. We switched from our high […]

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