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Nicolla + Stetson WeddingJuly, 2021 It’s been a long and winding road for these two! Although they basically had love at first sight, they had plenty of roadblocks in the way before they were able to tie the knot. Nicolla and Stetson got engaged right before Covid started, so they’ve had a crazy time of […]

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You and your fiancĂ©e are ready for the fun part of wedding planning- your registry. But before you start listing all your favorite items and dreaming of those amazing kitchen appliances… (wow, I sound really old and boring, dreaming of kitchen appliances, haha!) you need to figure out what stores your going to register with. […]

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Picture a quaint, little farm in England. Picture the woman who owns this farm baking delicious pies and treats in her home-turned-bakery and eating them on her front lawn. Sounds inviting, doesn’t it? That’s exactly the vibes I got from this shoot. That feeling of actually being there and having an experience with that country, vintage environment. It may sound odd, but at times I felt like I was really there.

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Emily + McKay WeddingJuly, 2021 Emily and McKay wandered around the temple grounds in Provo, on cloud nine after getting married at long last. After their engagement photos and first look photos, they were already pros in front of the camera. But today was different. Today they were taking photos as husband and wife. Emily […]

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