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I’m a wedding photographer based here in the stunning city of Charlotte, North Carolina. If I were to get married again, I’d want the best of the best for my wedding photos. And it’s not just about pretty pictures (although it’s not not about pretty pictures). It’s also about the experience they give you and […]

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Emily + McKay Engagement SessionMarch, 2021 While online dating may not work for everyone it was destiny for these two. A right swipe by Emily and another by McKay would be actions that changed their lives forever. After their match on Mutual these two had an instant connection. They went on their first date at […]

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Lexi + Richard Couple’s SessionMarch, 2021 Can you imagine meeting your soulmate? Well, Lexi and Richard are exactly that! This amazing couple of three years with their adorable daughter seems practically perfect. They are the ultimate family! When they are together everything else fades away. Lexi’s smile is so vibrant. When she smiles you can’t […]

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You’ve just gotten married or had your picture taken, and you know you want to plaster these photos all over your house. But…you don’t actually know how to set them up…. Decorating your walls with photos isn’t as easy at it sounded. Well I’ve got some tips and tricks for you that are gonna make […]

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